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Updated 2022-03-12
Developer Hypnotize&Mind control Nazca eBooks.com
Language original
Total size 449mb
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High Gray RPG

Original title: ハイグレRPG

This work is an orthodox RPG, I wonder if you put a metamorphosis brainwashing element called high gre in!?It was produced with the intention that.I had a lot of people play, so I came to completion while getting a favorable reception, I will be released with gratitude.

● What game to play?

 You can collect items, raise the level and defeat strong enemies ... and enjoy the flirting with the girl sandwiched between that.Even during the battle, make full use of hentai techniques and bring the girl in!It takes about 2-3 hours to clear.It is a voluminous feeling of over 50 hours.

 In producing this work, we were allowed to use various high-performance plug-ins (those that allow various specifications in the game).I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much.In addition, we also used various audio materials, sound effects, BGM, etc.Thank you.

※This work may not work normally depending on the environment of your PC.Please check the operation in the trial version




 アイテムを集めたり、レベルを上げて強敵を倒したり… そしてその合間合間に挟まる女の子とのイチャイチャをお楽しみいただけます。戦闘中もヘンタイ技を駆使して女の子をいてこませ!クリアまで2~3時間程度。やり込まれた方は50時間超のボリューミーな感じです。



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