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Updated 2017-09-05
Developer Anmitsuya
Language jap

Little Braver

* April 04th 2019 - Updated to English Translated Version!
[DLsite Official English Translation]
This is a work of fiction.
The characters, names and place names have no relationship to the real world.
Using the sword skills she learnt from her now deceased father, Fran heads to
the Royal Capital in search of work. She joins the local guild, accepts quests and
gains strength. But all is not well in the capital... the Queen Anrietta is facing trouble.
As desires and illusion interweave with one another... what will happen to this country?
A Quest Clearing Type Erotic RPG where a small girl will bravely stand up and fight!

Protagonist Name: Francette / Weapon: Rune Blade D
A pure, innocent and naive girl.
She is proficient with the sword and not so great at magic.
Her favorite food: Mama's Omlette with Rice!
While she may be a bit timid, she will grow through her adventures.

* Clothing Changing System
(8 costumes / 10 hair accessories / 10 underwear)
Reflected in battle, talking scenes, walking graphic and some event CG

* Battle System
Use Magic and Special attacks to defeat your enemies.
As you take damage, Francette's clothing gradually
begin to rip and finally she will become naked.
Even if you are defeated, it will not be Game Over
but rather Francette will be violated or robbed, etc.
This work has erotic attacks in battle. Be careful now!

* Situations
Interspecies sex, gangbang, stuck in the wall (glory hole / kabeshiri),
prostitution, lesbian, NTR / cuckoldry, captivation, petrification,
hypnosis, virginity, shota, etc

50 base HCG (+1 talking pose art +2 battle pose art)
+ variations = 800+ total CG / 100+ total H events (including in battle events)
Reminiscence room implemented

* Multi Ending x 5 (from virgin to super lewd heroine)
New Game Plus implemented
(can carry over reminiscence room, level, money, item, costumes etc)

* 3 levels of difficulty to choose from to begin with.
+ Master mode unlocked upon clearing the game once.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* This work was created using heptanas crawl: Nana's script.

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