Princess Selena's Sex Adventure - Banishment of the Incubi poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer anantei
Language eng
Total size 1gb
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Princess Selena's Sex Adventure - Banishment of the Incubi

** Game Features **
Tentacles, milking, object penetration, double penetration, sex in the water......
A plethora of situations and monsters!!!
As well as human beings with lust in their hearts, on the attack!!
Starting with a foundation of 41 unique CGs!!

** Armor Change System **
Armor degrades as you play, reflected in the outfits of the heroines!
(All heroines can become fully nude)
Changes are shown on the equip scren, the battle screen, even ADV parts!
I couldn't just stick to the CGs...... sorrrrryyyyyy;;

** Panties Auction System **
Selena's soiled pantsu can be sold off. The longer and dirtier
you let her garments become, the higher the price they'll fetch!
Let's enjoy Selena as she freaks it up going around without any knickers on!

** Story **

As the sitting queen of Brassiere, Selena was not permitted to leave her castle.
She yearned to explore the city below, and the world beyond.

Then, a lustful demon army attacked the kingdom.
Brassiere's army fought bravely, but fearing defeat they escorted Selena to a safe place.
However, her father died of his illness. She was not there in his final days.

An angel visited Selena.
"The world is torn asunder by this lustful demon. it will not stop until
it has conquered every corner of the realm. Only the royals of Brassiere can save us.
Please... please give us your strength."

Selena was moved. The sole survivor of her family, to a nation in collapse,
it was a bittersweet confluence of events that granted her wish for adventure.

Selena embarked on a journey to save the world.

She can't do it alone.

Recruit friends and face sexy foes!

- Incubus goblin, tentacle, ogre, impregnating demon, scorpion,
minotaur, spider, shota ruffian, naughty villager and pirate,
perverted old sorcerer... is there ANYONE who doesn't want to screw Selena?

** Characters & Cast **

Selena (heroine) (CV: Rio Kisaka)

Mea (CV: Amane Shiina)

Astarotte (CV: Nanase Watarai)

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