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Updated 2018-01-08
Version 1.0
Developer Team Niimii
Language jap
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2.13 (968)

Life On The Floating Island

Kazuki, Suzu and Haruto are suddenly summoned
onto the place so called "Floating Island".

There are a mysterious green haired girl Megumi who is
visible only to Kazuki, and a strange fairy who somehow
supports those three's lives on the island......

This is a bit strange story to live on the Floating Island while searching for an exit.

Even if health reached zero, there's no game over.

Doing H things increases "Lewd Level"... Becoming lewd girl!
Having creampie sex on an unsafe day may results in pregnancy!

Depending on what actions you take, girlfriend may be cucked
or you can perhaps peep H things...

While being together with woman, you can do H things in various locations...
(Cannot do in some locations. The number of attempts to do so is limited.)

Just to simply search for an exit, or not? It's all up to you!

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

Life On The Floating Island screenshotLife On The Floating Island screenshotLife On The Floating Island screenshot

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