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Updated 2020-10-18
Developer DelusionEndemic

Newlywed Wife Zefila ~Elven Bride Cucked~

This product contains a lot of NTR (cuckoldry) elements.
Please be warned.

* Story Overview *
When a half-Elven former adventure Zefila was rescued by
a kind-hearted man Nero from a threat to her life, she found her love.
Later on Zefila gets married to him, who is a fledgling novelist,
and she makes up her mind to support his writing.
Zefila becomes an adventurer again for money, but three
ill-disposed men in the guise of goodwill are in her way...

* Game *
To financially support her husband, Zefila earns money by her own body.
You can choose an adulterer out of three that have each different story.
As events with the adulterer go on, Zefila's mindset gradually changes.

(1) Womanizing Adventurer
She forms a party with him and works on the guild's quests to make money.

(2) Affluent Old Man
While working as a housemaid of his mansion, she explores a dubious underground dungeon.

(3) Stalker
Unlike the abovementioned two men's stories, a relatively abnormal NTR story takes place.

* Game System *
- Wearing Glasses System
For fans of glasses girls, we have prepared three types of variations in glasses.
(square frame, pince-nez and round shape types of glasses)
Applied to both pose art and CG.

- Skill Tree System
Using Skill Point that she earns upon level-up, she can attain
passive skills that permanently strengthen her parameters.

- Random Enchant System
Equipment from enemies may have special abilities that are randomly decided.
For example, when she gets a weapon named "Short Sword", it can possibly be
"Short Sword +2" or "Good-Quality Short Sword" with each different properties.

- Weapon Strengthening System
Selling equipment with "+" at weapon shops gives her "materials (weapon or armor)".
It is possible to add bonuses to currently equipped weapon by using the materials.

- Battle System
This game employs "symbol encounter" system.
She will be automatically sent to the gate of a town etc. upon a defeat.
There are no defeat H scenes nor gameovers.
Also, enemies' names and levels are displayed
in maps other than random dungeons.

* H Scenes *
The relationship between Zefila and the adulterer progresses with each event with him.
This time most H scenes are in the context of dub-con, but not so much hardcore.

20 base HCG, Over 500 total including variations.

816x624 Resolution
Supported Functions: Message Skip, On/Off Window, Rapid Battle, Scene Reminiscence

You can unlock all the reminiscence scenes when reaching the ending (optional).

* About The Trial Version *
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
The save data cannot be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

* This game is created with RPG TKool MV.

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