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Updated 2021-02-02
Developer Shitamachi mousou-gai

Let's go to a Haunted House

Let's go to a haunted house

After a day on the beach these 2 girl friends gone to a real haunted house.
Aya and Mei, friends but with secrets they don't tell each other.
Aya the slut and Mei the shy girl.

They both chose this place for a reason, a thing that only occurs with girls...

When girls come in that house they're 'attacked' by the ghosts.
The slut, that is not so slut, Aya actually don't have sex for a long time so she came to this place hoping the ghosts will have sex with her.

The shy Mei, that is actually a slut, wants to explore the unknown world of 'ghost' sex.

(Only moan sounds)
Mei's voice: Voice library: Tatakae onnna no ko / cv: kotobuki tsukasa
Aya's voice: Voice library: Tatakae onna no ko / cv: nanagi rutoru


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English and Japanese.
anal sex/finger fuck male/forced oral/ breast sex

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