Neat and clean she is cuckold by her father, and the female Onaho falls without knowing it poster
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Updated 2022-06-04
Developer Soft Circle Courreges
Language original
Total size 2gb
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Neat and clean she is cuckold by her father, and the female Onaho falls without knowing it

Original title: 清楚な彼女が親父に寝取られ知らないうちに雌オナホ堕ち


Iinuma Koichi and Aikawa Miyu were dating.
Miyu is proud of her for Koichi.
Excellent results in both talent, preeminent style with big tits such as nails the eyes of the boys even so.
Koichi that the nose is high in her girl who yearns for all if it is a man.

However, her attitude suddenly changed.
He avoids Koichi and does not see him much.
It is Koichi who does not know the reason, but Miyu was deceived by Koichi's father Takeo during that time and was cuckold.

Sexual activity that is repeated many times.
She is...... so as to be pierced by the huge penis of the father of the boyfriend......

●Aikawa Miyu (Aikawa Miyu)
A girl who is talented and preeminent in style, serious and impeccable.
It is a neat atmosphere with long hair.
Sexual knowledge is normal degree, but it can not be done with boyfriend because it is hard.

●Koichi Iinuma (Iinuma Koichi)
Very ordinary boys.There is no particular feature and it feels like it is everywhere.
Miyu Aikawa's boyfriend.She is serious and she is one line.

●Iinuma Takeo (Iinuma Takeo)
He is the father of Koichi IINUMA, who is unemployed and works day-to-day.
She was very unhappy and eventually divorced.
The inside is like a woman and guess though it looks like a person seems to be good in the eyes.

■ 1280*720 HD resolution WMV format High quality 2D full animation ADV
-For videos with cross-sectional view, [ON/OFF] of the cross-sectional view is possible.
- After clearing the reminiscence mode, it is possible to use the video viewing mode.






●愛川美優 (あいかわ みゆ)

●飯沼公一 (いいぬま こういち)

●飯沼武雄 (いいぬま たけお)

■1280*720 HD解像度のWMV形式高画質2DフルアニメーションADV

"清楚な彼女が親父に寝取られ知らないうちに雌オナホ堕ち" by Soft Circle Courreges is available for you by a search aggregator and is available in a one click. The total size of the game is 2 GB. Try to play other cross-section view and cuckoldry (netorare) free games to find the best. Check out the screenshots of the game before downloading it to get familiar with the style, genre and gameplay. Leave a comment to allow others to discover it. Find more NSFW games like this using search by tags or by category.

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