Updated 2016-07-26
Developer Soft Circle Courreges
Language jap
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"Tease me with your c*cks... make me cum...
please... make me cum again and again.. I want to feel insane......!"

Men have gathered in a 1K apartment.
Their ages and outward appearance are diverse,
but they share in common the deep web,
which is how they found out about this room.

" to come f#ck me???"

A young girl lives here. She has invited the men for a gangbang.
She greets them with an open smile. "Take me away.
Show me a new world...... do things we could never do in our daily lives.
I want to go to there. Please... take me!"
With those words, the doors to paradise were thrown wide open.

Pleasure and Climax - take the young heroine to the height of ecstasy.
At first she will be shy. As she progresses her countenance will change.
Use items and techniques to keep her at the apex.
Torture her with exquisite pleasure. Hell is heaven.
It's what she wants, but the onus is yours to achieve.

Exploitation and Technique - each part of her body is sensitive to exploitation.
The more you do, the more play types and categories become available.
Meanwhile, increased technique will diminish the heroine's endurance,
which actually means she can attain greater amounts of pleasure.
Exploit her body, increase their techniques, unlock more options.

Items and Titles - gain experience to avail yourself of more items.
Use items to boost parameters. Simple!
Meanwhile, when you meet certain conditions you earn "titles".
Titles are mostly for fun, since you don't need them to beat the game,
so think of them like collectibles or status. Play around and see
what sort of title you earn pleasuring the young beauty!

* Artwork
Yoshikazu Tajima
* Scenario

LAND OF THE FREE screenshotLAND OF THE FREE screenshotLAND OF THE FREE screenshot

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