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Updated 2016-07-05
Developer nikukure

Knight of Flame Lily Akos

Knight of Flame Lily Akos
Ver 1.10 (updated)

* Story

There once was a knightess, Lily Akos, who lived in the castle with her queen, Rinna Felsmark, in the southland of Elysion. They shared a tragedy, and were close friends. Today, as always, they searched for the one who took their loves.

Lily: "I will find that wretch, and I will make them return Shizu!"

* Game

33 base CGs
105 ecchi scenes
8 endings

About ecchi scenes
Ecchi scenes may happen between people or monsters.
Themes are sex by force, monster attack, or prostitution.
Parameters are tracked within the game for arousal, sex resulting in vaginal cum,
prostitution level, sadism level, masochism level and righteousness.
The balance between these parameters is represented in the sex scenes.

About endings
There are multiple endings dependent on player choice and how far you evolve
Lily's "Flame" ability in battle, and her righteousness.

Other features
- Armor will break, exposing Lily's body and prompting sexual harassment...
- Always know when a battle is coming with the symbol encounter system
- Message skip, message hide, message log
- Dash/run by default option quick battle H

* Created with RPG Maker

Knight of Flame Lily Akos screenshotKnight of Flame Lily Akos screenshotKnight of Flame Lily Akos screenshot

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