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Updated 2018-12-24
Version 2.01
Developer nikukure
Language jap
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2.21 (2631)

Knight of Flame Lily Akos 2

After the battle with the Evil Empire, Akos and co. had a brief time of rest and peace.
It was during this time that Rinna made an important decision!
The setting for this game is...... deep below the ground in the depths of the earth!

[Game Overview]
41 base CG / 149 erotic scenes
6 endings + bad endings, etc

Most erotic scenes are with humans.
This time erotic tools that can be used to create
magical equipment are extremely valuable.

[Magical Equipment]
Gags, blindfolds, erotic signboards, handcuffs, etc
These pieces of equipment will be reflected in erotic scenes.

[Akos' Secret Data]
You can view Ako's private erotic data.

[Flame Ability]
Available still in this sequel.
With a huge power up to this ability
you can burn the bosses to ashes!

[Route Splitting / Multi Endings]
As with the sequel, there are plenty of endings in this release too.

[Armor Breaking & Battle H]
Still implemented but now with a twist...
Now Akos can perform erotic attacks as well!

[Created to be Stress Free!]
- symbol encounters
- message skip feature
- message obscuring
- message log
- perma-dash feature
- New Game+ (level, weapons, armor with some exceptions)
Most dungeons will be shortened in Replays.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

Knight of Flame Lily Akos 2 screenshotKnight of Flame Lily Akos 2 screenshotKnight of Flame Lily Akos 2 screenshot

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