Updated 2019-11-16
Developer Acid Style
Total size 28mb
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* Summery *

One day, their mother picked up a strange mushroom in the forest.
Apparently, she intended to put it into a soup and eat it.
However, when she tasted a small piece of it, her condition suddenly changed!
Twins Rewi and Lefir headed to the apothecary in the nearby village to find a cure for her sickness.

But once there, the extremely suspicious doctor set an astounding price for the medicine.
With no other options, the two set out on a treasure hunting adventure to raise the money to buy it!

* Top view ACTSTG *

For the first time in our works, we've used a top-down view common in RPGs.
Fight enemies coming from all directions!
Your equipment includes guns, traps, scrolls, and rings, all equipable to your liking!
Support NPC equipment can be changed as well!

* Twin Battles! *

Battle as either the female twin Rewi or as the male twin Lefir.
The character you don't choose will support you as an NPC!
Work together to progress!
As you advance through the game, more characters might join you as well..?

* Gallery *

A standard viewing gallery is included of course!
If you complete the game, you can also use the freestyle gallery!

* Male and female pixel H *

Our pixel H has been drawn 3 times bigger, so it's easier to see and enjoy.
Not only the female Rewi, but the male Lefir also has plenty of dirty things done to him!

* Voices *

Including lively lewd voices!
CV: Tiger Lily / Ryo Suzuki, Maria Ayana

* Notes *

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Includes unavoidable shota elements.
There are currently almost no ero walking graphics. Please expect future updates.
Guides, bugs, questions and requests are processed on my DLsiteBlog only.

The game by Acid Style is provided for you by members of and is available for free to download right now. All files of this game is 28 MB. Try playing other dot/pixel and fantasy free games to find the best. Check out provided screenshots of this to meet the style and the gameplay. Leave a comment to allow others to discover it. You can find more adult games like this using our rich search.

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