Kairaku Gakuen Seikatsu ~Rio-sensei no Kageki na Kyouiku~ poster
Updated 2012-05-02
Developer Soft Circle Courreges
Language jap

Kairaku Gakuen Seikatsu ~Rio-sensei no Kageki na Kyouiku~

Original title: 快楽学園性活 ~理緒先生のカゲキな教育~

Sexy Ms. Rio has cum to an all-boys school- the first female teacher ever!
Desire wafts from her feminine beauty to seduce
both staff and student. Never has attendance
been higher or attentions more rigidly keen.
But Rio has a shocking hidden agenda.

("I love all their horny stares, their tainted looks of lust...
It's good, so good! But it's not enough... I need more.
I want more than stares... make me FEEEEL good--")

She's a pervert predator nymphomaniac!
Her plan is to seduce the class in 3 days with her lessons.
Of course they're far from the curriculum standard...

Select your perverse lesson! An incredibly dense spermania ADV game.

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