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Updated 2016-10-20
Developer spermation
Language jap
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Incubus Surge

"By my 'Demon Power' I make students gape-lust!"

~This time has tentacles! The dark feast begins~

Spermation/Seacoxx presents our 4th online novel game!
Powered up hentai for the fan -- and newcomer -- of digital novels!

Featuring the artwork of popular manga-ka "orico", Incubus Surge
(Japanese title: Inma no Hadou) is a lurid adaptation of Gakumon Furuse's
hit online novel that received over 30,000 views/day -- now enhanced
with 119 total CGs and full female voice acting!

A demonized student seeks sinister pleasure in the halls of school...

Incubus Surge (Inma no Hadou)

Incubus Surge screenshotIncubus Surge screenshotIncubus Surge screenshot

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