I Shall Be Tickle Queen ~Girls in the Weirdthief Age~ poster
Updated 2016-11-27
Developer aphrodite
Language jap

I Shall Be Tickle Queen ~Girls in the Weirdthief Age~

* Prologue

I am a Hero.
A hero needs money.
Even just to buy armor and pay the inn.

There's a lot of people trying to be a hero these days, and it's diluting my income.
I've been trying to slay a demon king, but money is tight.

Just in time I've gotten friendly with a confident would-be hero girl.
She says she'll "do anything" to help protect the world... hah.

She's weak so there's no way she can succeed.
The last thing I'm looking for is some weak link party member, but she's pretty cute.
And I realized I can make money off her.

She can be sold as a slave.

Let me back up a little.

I was spitballing ideas with a slave merchant.

Me: "What do you do with nymphomaniac virgins?"

Slave merchant: "Hah, that's a contradiction of terms."

Me: "True, true."

Slave merchant: "But if there was such a thing, she'd be worth a fortune."

I thought about it.
I'm broke, I can't get further on the demon king quest until I'm paid.
That's when I met this "do anything" weak hero girl.

I'm going to somehow turn her into a nymphomaniac virgin.
Then I'm going to sell her. Payday, here I come!

My quest is finally getting somewhere.

* Game

aphrodite presents
I Shall Be Tickle Queen ~Girls in the Weirdthief Age~
The making of a nymphomaniac virgin -- shojo bitch -- with kusuguri -- tickles!
All ecchi scenes are organized into tickling scenes

Say good things, ensnare a woman, then bring her to tears, drool and slick wetness
using a virgin-preserving tickle torture, raising her bitch meter!

Naturally this is a good one for tickle lovers,
but it can also be enjoyed as an exploration fantasy RPG tale too.

The journey is one way: forward, not back.
Time-limited special events arise with a thrilling rarity.
Succeed and proceed, carrying your loot into the latter half of the quest.

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