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Updated 2020-03-26
Developer Hop Beer
Rip by anime-sharing

Sakura, Protectress of the Realm

* Story

It's the Edo period.

Sakura is the 3rd generation of shrine maiden tasked with defending the village,
after Tomoyo and Tamayo.

The times have changed, and peace has fallen onto the land, but...
In the shadows, an evil magistrate has hatched an scheme to unleash his
ambitions upon the world, and it's up to Sakura to stop them!

However, the more she uses her spiritual powers, she becomes hornier...


* Game system

Your goal is to fulfill your shrine maiden duty as protectress of the realm,
and foil the scheming magistrate's plan.
There are no parameters such as level, HP, MP, XP, etc., so combat is simple!
After 3 straight battles, you will enter a horny state.

A handy navigation button is included if you find yourself lost.

Gallery system and full-unlock functionality included. (Not in the trial)

NTR elements are included.

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