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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer The 46th Order of Chivalry
Language jap
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1.99 (735)

Hypnosis Done Braves

There once was a great war between humanity and the demon forces.
The heroes were successful at defeating the demon lord and bringing peace
back to the lands but... not all of the demon army's forces were vanquished...

The descendants attempt to restore the once great demon army
and gaining word of their actions, descendants of the heroes unite
to once again stop them in their tracks...

However, this time, with the power of hypnosis...
a very different turn of events is likely to take place.

[H Scenes]
Sexual harassment, fellatio, masturbation, prostitution, interspecies sex,
slut-ification, sexual slavery, humiliation, gangbang, common sense substitution,
pregnant belly, etc (17 different types of erotic situations)

You can realistically taste the destruction of the heroines hearts as their violation
escalates in depravity and corrupts their souls... Recommended for sadists.

* Contains no battles and not too many flags (event triggers) so you
can play the game and 'enjoy' the content without too much hassle.

Two different main endings + 4 individual endings (1 for each heroine)
= 6 different endings in total.
You can enjoy different results depending on the in game parameters.


Protagonist (You): Esbore
An high ranking general in the Demon Army that is proficient in hypnotic magic.

Hero's Daughter: Lois
Her parents were heroes that defeated the demon lord during the great demon war.

Elf: Likas
Archery expert and previous companion of Lois's parent.

Oracle (Kannagi): Hinagiku
Descendant of the Oracle that was a companion of Lois's parents.

Knightess: Arles
Descendant of the Knight that was a companion of Lois's parents.

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Hypnosis Done Braves screenshotHypnosis Done Braves screenshotHypnosis Done Braves screenshot

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