Hodasarete... ~Karate Musume Chizuru no Jouji~ poster
Updated 2019-01-14
Developer VENUS
Language jap

Hodasarete... ~Karate Musume Chizuru no Jouji~

Original title: 絆されて・・・~空手娘・千鶴の情事~

Chizuru Kamiya is the lone daughter of the Kamiya dojo.Since her mother died, her father has fiercely protected her.

She has learned the way of the empty fist and dreams of someday
succeeding her father as master of their school. She trains daily.
But one day, a disciple joins who teased her as a child.
This is Okuta, strong and influential in not just his combat but his words.
She bears the burden of memories from 10 years ago.
And now, as if nothing ever changed, he toys with her heart again.

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