Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 2 -Jokyoushi Tsuma: Marika no Baai- poster
Updated 2017-09-30
Developer Lune Team Bitters
Language jap
Total size 4gb
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Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 2 -Jokyoushi Tsuma: Marika no Baai-

Original title: それでも妻を愛してる2-女教師妻・茉莉花の場合-

A sports teacher who has a nice looking attitude and a winning character.The main character "Amami Yuuto" who had been thinking of her for a long time confesses just before graduating as a student.
Although he was once shaken, Marika accepts finally his confession with enthusiasm.

Happy days pass from then on...

"I got married some time ago and we celebrated our wedding anniversary. There is no room for disputes in our relationship and I believed that this happiness will continue in the future..."

Yuuto who was now a university student will soon had to start job hunting. In such a situation, Marika will move to a distant public school for works. Too far to be able to return every day to join her husband. For the time being, Marika will rent a small apartment and live there alone.

"Everyday is busy getting to live far away.
I tried to keep in touch with him as often as possible to remedy this loneliness.

"There was such a thing today"
"Let's go on a date this weekend"

Even with nothing but a phone conversation, I was relieved that we both stay in touch. In such days, the shadows of opposite sexes show herself to me and him.
Even though we trusted each other, even when we could not listen to ourselves as we looked at each other, we felt a certain anxiety.

One day, I will not be able to endure this situation to the extent that I would cause things that can not be repaired."

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