Here Comes Impregno Man! Next Target is an American Wife poster
Updated 2019-10-25
Developer Circle One

Here Comes Impregno Man! Next Target is an American Wife

This world is full of love and joy, but there cannot be light without darkness.
An ordinary looking middle-aged man had moved into the neighborhood.
Little did they know that he was a man of immense sexual prowess and vigor,
who could make any woman sexually submit and bear his child.
Those who both feared and respected this man simply called him
"Impregno Man".

The busty neighborhood wife couldn't stand a chance.
This is a story of Impregno Man who specializes in "dealing" with wives...

Suzanne Hiiragi - A newlywed American wife.
She is targeted by Impregno Man while her husband is away for work.
Has good ole American tits. She loves her Japanese husband but isn't sexually satisfied.
She speaks in a mix of broken Japanese and English.

7 base CG - 20 scenes!
Mainly NTR / impregnation situations

Illustration: odaKojiki
H scene Production & Support: Sahiro Nishiya
Playtime: Approx. 1~2 hours

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