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Updated 2021-02-01
Developer Organic Vegetable Garden
Total size 375mb



Helena Quest

This work is created in RPG Maker MV.

 The bad Sister Helena enjoys entertainment such as drinking and gambling, and is busy with her monastic duties across the board.
 After years of misdeeds, Helena is expelled from the monastery by the chief priest.Helena quickly ran out of 10 million g of money, and began selling handmade amulets at a high price, and praying casually to make money, but she was expelled from the city as a matter of course.
 It was Helena who had repeated the life of wandering, but it would be kicked out in violation of the contract when it was boarded in the carriage of the journey.
 It was a mysterious city where all the residents were brainwashed by someone!
 She meets a girl she meets, and her wish leads Helena to an adventure ...

ー Number of scenes 30! Basic CG24 sheets (+standing picture 3 sheets) Difference CG is 180 or more!

シ brainwashing, hypnosis, a number of situations that emphasized the evil fall.
 With easy-to-understand stories and gimmicks, it does not inhibit the immersive feeling of the H scene.

ー The story is 1 main road.There are many bad ends!

ま We also have such as cheat items and CG simultaneous release button!
 It has become a friendly design for those who want to enjoy only the H scene!

体験版 A trial version that can confirm the contents scene!
 You can check what kind of scenes are recorded by playing the trial version!
 If you are considering a purchase, please include operation confirmation by all means!

ー Scene contents
- It is fucked by slime and becomes a nursery
- roper brainwashed her into a sex slave.
- Fucked in the back by a slum thug
- Titty service to the bandits
- Nympho by hypnosis magic
- Fellatio in the misidentification state
- SM training by Lesbian lord
- brainwashed into sex slaves.
- Evil has fallen......!?

We also have various situations such as! Of course, there are also prostitute events!




〇シーン数30! 基本CG24枚(+立ち絵3枚)差分CGは180以上!






などと様々なシチュエーションも揃えております! もちろん娼館イベントも!

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