Hanging Simulator Vol2 - Machine fucking of captive beauty - [Genital expansion, bulge, Piercing] poster
Updated 2022-05-10
Developer Neet Corp.
Language original

Hanging Simulator Vol2 - Machine fucking of captive beauty - [Genital expansion, bulge, Piercing]

Original title: 吊り下げシミュレーターVol2 -捕らわれ美女の機械姦-【性器拡張・膨乳・ピアス】

It is an Onaho simulator to play by stirring the Royal Lady slimy moving in Live2D with a thick machine tentacle chinpo.

She reacts to every operation in real time, and a naughty animation is played.
Please enjoy the way her belly bulges by insertion.
Her reaction, breathlessness and sound effects synchronize perfectly with the operation.
(There is no mechanically looping motion in this work.All motion is created by special physical and emotional parameters that are etch-tuned)

※ If you think the price is high, please try the trial version once.

You can switch various parts such as ball gag, squirting amount and milk injection amount, graffiti on the body, size and movement of penis, variation of skin color and hair color, size of tits and clitoris.This time I was particular about piercing expression.Large earrings shake amorous.

CV:つ木 Tsubame (@yuzuki_tsubame)
This work was allowed to record the voice of voice actor's new for the app.You can enjoy the arousing voice that matches the situation more.

In this work, you can operate the following parts with the mouse drag
* Head
* Fuselage
* Boobs
* Clitoris
There is a difference in the way of movement for each part to be operated.Please try to find your favorite movement by manipulating various parts.

You can play by dragging and pulling each operation position, but you can play on 1 stage further by using the multiple recording function.
With multiple recording, you can create an original animation that combines the actions of multiple parts, such as shaking the body in the recording of the 1st lap, operation of the tits in the recording of the 2nd lap, etc. Because the operation can be taken repeatedly.
Please make your own animation!

※ About trial version
It may not work properly depending on the environment because it takes computational load for real-time processing.Please check the operation in the trial version whether the problem of processing drop etc. does not occur.
The trial version has a limited number of settings.
In particular, the Android version can not use the video posting function when the memory is insufficient.Please check whether the terminal can use the Tweet linkage function in the trial version because you can not get the bonus Gem.






CV: 柚木つばめ(@yuzuki_tsubame)

* 頭
* 胴体
* おっぱい
* クリトリス



Download Hanging Simulator Vol2 - Machine fucking of captive beauty - [Genital expansion, bulge, Piercing] from k2s or fboom for free.

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