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Updated 2019-06-04
Developer JSK Studio
Language jap

Handle Delicate Niece with Care

"You said you wanted to talk... you're just gonna ask me about my part-time job right?"

Your niece "Maki Kusuda" ended up staying at your place.
It turns out that she had started working a part-time job.
However, her school doesn't allow it's students to work part-time jobs.
As her uncle, I should look further into this but...

- Talk and touch your niece "Maki" to progress the story in this erotic FLASH work!
- This game is separated into two parts, and 2 further routes each for different endings.

- In the story mode, progress the story through conversation and touching.
By raising the obedience meter, you can pressure her into having sex.
- Story mode splits into "sleep violation" or "cowgirl".
- The story has 4 different endings (not incl. bad ending) that you will see each of one
upon what you chose in action and conversation parts.
- Different endings have different H scenes. You can see the endings you have seen in the reminiscence mode.
- Contains many variant H scene artworks mainly in missionary sex, doggy style sex and cowgirl sex. 20+ scenes in total.
- Her clothes and lingerie can freely be put on/off during H scenes.
- The heroine's sensitivity can be freely adjusted.
- All penetrative sex scenes come with creampie. Different creampie animations for each sex positions.
- Most H scenes are with X-ray views. Can be turned on/off.
- Keyboard function compatible (only H scenes).
- Manual progression for ejaculation animation implemented. Cream-pie infinitely loop-able.

- For both the trial and the retail version, please make sure that the compressed file is extracted correctly.
- Contains FLASH and AIR versions.
- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
- SFX only, no other sounds
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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