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Updated 2016-12-20
Developer Solarray
Language jap
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Hamepako King Game ~Meetup At The Bar~

* Concept

A blind date with beautiful college girls becomes a risque game of "Simon Says",
and you just know Simon wants this game to get ecchi.

Every guy has thought of it once or twice -- haven't you?

We sure have -- and that's why Solarray presents this visual novel
with cute young JDs illustrated by a popular manga artist for ALL our enjoyment!
Grab your stick and join the King Game: uninhibited and ~irrefusable~ fun!!

* Introduction

Four glasses clinked over the corner table at the izakaya.

Tonight you left all thoughts of finals behind and got to know each other proper.
It wasn't your ordinary "nomikai", but a proper date: two guys, two girls.

What they call an "aikon".

Where strangers drink with their future lovers... if only lovers for that night.
The more booze, the better the chances.

"Let's heat this party up! King Gaaame!"
"Wait, King Game......?"
"C'mon, sounds like fun let's do it!"

Bolstered by liquid courage, they all began a raunchy adult game of dares!
While the girls prepped the raffle sticks you and he ducked to the men's room for a chat.
"Senpai, I gotta be honest here, I don't have any money on me. Can you help me out?"
"What the eff man. Didn't I just lend you some?"
"But, but, but, but, okay! So I'm open to suggestions......"

You reached a secret bargain, to be honored during the game.
He would make you "Simon", the King.

"Huh? Can you even do that?"
"Leave it to me. I'm an old pro at these aikon things. Get ready for a free night,
and I don't just mean the tab."
"...... Okie dokie."

Half untrusting, half ready for him to welch on the promise, you followed the plan.

Let's heat this party up, indeed.

* Game

You are the King of the King Game. Command the girls and they obey!

Normally nobody would ever do, or dare to ask, the things that happen in this game.
But the King's decree is absolute! That's the only rule, social or otherwise.

- 70 varieties of commands and co-minglings
- Gorgeous CG art and uncensored filthy dialogue
- "Who will do "what" with "who"... is King's choice!

Command a kiss.
Put your date on her knees to take a shot -- of jizz.
Get those big tits out and bounce them on your c*ck.

Of course, the King can also command other couplings.
Hook up with the other guy's date or have him hook up with yours,
choose to make the night into a netorare cucking party...

Just click a button to issue a command! Easy!
Anyone could do this.

But nobody else can. Only you. Only the King.

* For more details about the game system, see samples and visit the HP.

Get hammered, and get hammering on a freewheeling night of hamepako!

* Staff

Artwork by Manmaru Kamitsuki
Scenario by Kotoya Tamaki, Tookai
Cast (CVs): Yuina Momono, Kasumi Yomogi

Check out the free trial to hear sample voices & play just a bit of the game!

* Official site

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