Ghost Town Gunsweeper poster
Updated 2017-07-08
Developer T-ENTA-P
Language eng
Version v.1.5

Ghost Town Gunsweeper

Supernatural x Erotica x Role Playing Game
Sequel to Ghost House Gunsweeper

You and your team of sexy ghostbusters have added a new team member.
It's time to check out the abandoned ruins of a haunted ghost town.
Erotic spirits have slurped up the good people. Exterminate and liberate!

Use special sexoplasm to damage the ghosts (jizzum-based projectiles)!
Your heroine also replenishes her body by swallowing spunk.
Harvest sperm from ghosts via battle to fashion new items.

640x480 base screen size
Confirmed for Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 bit)
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility on your system
Recommend purchase with member account for updates
Requires RPG TKool VX RTP:

[ Version updates ]
2012 Sept 29
Fixed bug regarding ecchi replay while riding the boat

2012 Sept 30
Fixed bug where machine gun turns into assault rifle
Fixed issues with second playthrough, character, BGM and save option

2012 October 02
Adjusted settings for Panties A, B
Added 3 new event patterns
Fixed some bugs

2012 October 03
Adjusted difficulty for final boss
Adjusted BGM during ero technique
Fixed some bugs

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