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Updated 2016-10-13
Developer SLAVE RAVE
Language jap

Fortune Sister

Created with RPG Tkool VX Ace.
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

* Story

Young girl Rieze (protagonist) lived with her friend Sufure in a small village.
Sufure was a shrine maiden of the wind; Rieze had inherited the hero Caldum's sword.
When a demon army invaded their kingdom, it began by destroying their home.
Rieze's little sister was taken prisoner, and on the verge of death herself
she was visited by Fortuna, the spirit of destiny.
Imbued with the spirit's energy Rieze set off on a journey: to save her sister.

* Game

SLAVE RAVE's Fortune Sister is a blend of
classic RPG x Slots & Dice x Ecchi Assault

HP can reach zero so long as you have MP remaining.
However, enemies have ecchi attacks that drain MP.
Mid-battle r*pe can occur, putting Rieze in a restrictive pinch!
Ejaculations and climaxes will drastically reduce the MP.

MP is not actually for magic; attacks and magic require EP (ecstasy points).
At times ecchi attacks will boost your EP, which you may use tactically.

* Ecchi

The game features 16 ecchi scenes (3 in the demo) with variations
Ecchi scenes result from losing to specific bosses

- assault
- tentacles
- yuri
- slime enema
- piss & piss drinking
- soft ryona (vore, shock, etc.)

Lots of niche genres, please be warned (or excited, as you like)!
No grotesque imagery is shown.

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