Forest of the Abyss 2 poster
Updated 2018-02-01
Developer SweetSprite
Language jap
Version 1.0

Forest of the Abyss 2

Finally presenting the sequel game to our huge hit free game
"Forest of the Abyss", that recorded total 60,000 downloads!

CGs, animations and game systems have evolved without
losing any popular situations from the previous one!

Please enjoy this sequel work that has been developed
by many many creators over 2 years!

* The main themes are restraint and forced orgasm!!
Arl* takes a walk around a forest in an unfamiliar region.
She finds easy-to-understand symbol encounter worms
crawling around there, a nice location for Bad End RTA (?).
Vines, tentacles and even spider webs come to bind her up
and then Arl*-chan is forced to cum in a lot of restraint animations.

* Hardships with unique status effects
Status effects like aphrodisiac, acute pain, orgasm, bad smell etc.
are employed. For example, she gets orgasm and unable to take
action for several turns when she's put under the effect of aphrodisiac
three times, and 'restrained by vore' situation gets worse
turn by turn toward 'whole body vored' state (inescapable).

* Tough but satisfying game system
This game employs a unique growing system where you collect
materials to generate weapons and unlock magic and sword
moves attached to corresponding weapons.
In response to level increase, shops change their commodities.
The key job of this game "Fencer" is a must-get, though
this game won't require any strategy of you to some extent.

* Thank you very much for "Let's Play" video uploads of the previous work!
When it comes to offensive expressions, however, there were many
videos deleted due to the administration policy. So we include
"mild expression mode" that won't violate YouTube's policy
(grotesque expressions are not omitted)!

* This game contains expressions of brown fluid, but it is just mud.
But still there are expressions of piss. Please be warned.

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