Fire Warrior Burning High poster
Updated 2020-11-24
Developer silent4


Fire Warrior Burning High

Adult-only M*gaman-style action! Featuring gorgeous defeat ero and pixel-art animation!

- Game difficulty is moderate
- After defeating powerful bosses, you can acquire their weapons & powers
- Other special weapons and helpful items can be found as well

[H Scenes]
- Defeat H after losing to bosses
- Set H scenes during stages
- Certain enemies use H attacks that result in H scenes with pixel art animations
- H scenes include event CG and pixel animation, with voice for both
CV: Ao Inukai

Genres: Rape, tentacles, interspecies, tickling, etc. (No consensual sex)

- Gamepad & keyboard compatible
- Save / continue included
- Gallery included for event CG and pixel animations

Doctor Majima has been working tirelessly on his research to preserve peace in the world,
but rival scientist Henry sends six powerful agents to take his research!
All his precious research is stolen, and his students are kidnapped.

It's all up to Shinobu and her special battle suit crafted by her father to save the day.
She must become fire warrior Burning High, and defeat Dr. Henry's powerful minions!

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