Girl who exorcises Demons in Holy Virgin School (tentative) poster
Updated 2022-09-07
Developer トントロックス
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Girl who exorcises Demons in Holy Virgin School (tentative)

Original title: 退魔師少女in聖処女学園(仮)

まま区町ま Town Holy Virgin School president from the survey request has entered.Judging from the situation, it is suspected that the occurrence of a monster.
We have received a request from the president to conduct an undercover investigation as a student in order not to give anxiety to the students.i met the conditions at the demonic association headquarters.
We have decided to send a female demonic master under the age of 1○.

To nominate the director of the demonic association headquarters, I will ask kazuko hiiragi, a first-class demonic master, to investigate the infiltration mentioned above.Please infiltrate the school as a student.
Please enter the school as a transfer student from 6 month 1 day because the transfer procedure has already been completed.The mission deadline is 3 years until graduation.



退魔協会本部役員の指名の為、上記潜入調査を 一級退魔師 柊木風子に依頼致します。学生として学園に潜入して下さい。

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