FEMALE KNIGHT RASIA ~The Lewd Curse of Penis~ poster
Updated 2018-11-08
Developer GapTax
Language jap
Version 1.06

FEMALE KNIGHT RASIA ~The Lewd Curse of Penis~

The current version is [1.06]
July 2020: The English translation is now included.

A futanari female knight's solo adventure RPG

* Story
The female knight Rasia whose loyalty is toward the Elste Kingdom
has successfully retrieved a national treasure stolen by a hostile country,
at a cost of growing a futanari d*ck as a result of an unexpected effect of a spell.
While she cannot get rid of the penis, she struggles to return to her homeland.

* Specifications
18 base HCG + 3 H pose art
Costume variations and Reminiscence room are available.
You can check the total number and the amount of ejaculations and her lewdness in the status screen.

* Situations
Masturbation, stroked by men, puts it into XXX etc etc.
Most situations focus on what was grown on her crotch.

* Note
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

This game is created with RPG TKool MV

Pixel artworks are created in collaboration with: Higata Urase of Nenokuni Studio

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