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Updated 2020-03-06
Developer BAROQUPID  
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Soulnite ~The Soul Spirit Crystal~

Our story follows four girls who live in a village in the mountains.
To get to the bottom of a mysterious incident in the village,
the four must visit Mt. Puria with the old man who raised them, Linnel.
There they find the Soulnite, a gem that contains the collected souls of adepts of ages past.
Guided by the gem, the girls take these souls into their own bodies.
And then, before their very eyes, appeared the god of their world - Rinth.

Random encounters featuring battles from a side view perspective.
By taking in souls from the gem, the heroines gain fighting abilities for use in battle.
By battle with souls and leveling up, you can obtain Skillnites,
By equipping these items, you can use skills from completely different souls.
Use of skills depletes SP (Soul Points).
Collect AP (Aura Points) by using skills and unleash secret attacks!
As your SP dwindles, so does the soul's energy, along with its ability to materialize clothing. Return to a dressed state by restoring Soul Points.

Game Balance:
Every soul has a different level for every character.
Levels can be raised by defeating enemy monsters.
Equipping an in game item ("The Book of Experiences"), leveling up becomes much easier. Equipping these items effectively lowers the difficulty.
Of course, players who are used to RPGs can play without equipping these items as well. Collecting money may be a bit hard normally, but a certain NPC will buy dirty panties.
Weapons can all be obtained from chests or enemy drops.

H Scenes:
The focus is on scenes featuring the 4 main girls.
To be recognized by the different souls within the gem, the girls have to do naughty things.
Each such scene has 1-3 variations that vary by arousal and development.
If you miss a variation, though, there is an item that will let you see what you missed.
Additionally, there are H scenes with certain female monsters.
Through these scenes you can obtain the Demon Soulnite.
H scenes are separated into 4 different levels of arousal.
Instructions can be toggled off on the settings menu.
However, they also include content descriptions, so those that want to avoid harder
and more abnormal content may wish to keep them on to know what to skip.
Gallery mode is available from the start.

- Change between full screen and windowed views with F4
- Change current character and hidden features with D
- Toggle windows with Q
- Dash with Shift, skip messages with A
- Change various display/sound settings in the menu

Created using RPG Maker MV.
There may be updates in the future, so please check frequently.

Regarding Updates:
Current version: 1.01 (Demo version 1.12)
Please visit the circle's site to report any bugs.

Download Soulnite ~The Soul Spirit Crystal~ from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

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