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Updated 2016-03-25
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Faein, the Knightess of Humiliation

* With a dress-up system implemented, Faein's pose art AND erotic CG will change
to reflect her costume. Naked, half-naked, in her underwear, leather belts, etc etc.

There are plenty of humiliating erotic scenes; defeat and violation at the hands of monsters,
erotic massages at the inn, prostitution to make a living, and more!

15 scenes + bonus (16 base CG + variations = 330+ total images)

[System] RPG

Control the protagonist Faein, defeat enemies and overcome difficulties
as you traverse your way through the towns and dungeons of the Rakuss Kingdom.

You will approach the active time battles using skills and magic
learned via your armor and equipment enhanced via the use of gems.

CG mode, replay mode implemented.
You can watch any scene that you have already seen at your leisure.
Message skip, auto text progression mode are also implemented.

There was once a kingdom with over 100 years of history.
The Kingdom of Rakuss

In these lands of abundant and relentless nature,
the invasion of monsters had been thwarted time upon time.

Responsible for their demise, 3 chivalric orders.

The 1st order. The impregnable royal knights guarding Castle Rakuss.
The 2nd order. The knights defending Rakuss' eastern borders.
The 3rd order. Acting as Rakuss' sword and proficient in guerrilla tactics.

With their valiant acts of bravery, the Kingdom stands strong and now,
with intel on the location of the monster HQ, the 3rd order of chivalry
sets off to exterminate their foes.


* Faein
B89 W63 H90
A squad leader in the 3rd order of chivalry.
She has worked her way up the ranks from a grunt.
She has both the trust and reliance of subordinates and superiors alike,
but can be a little too serious about everything.
For this mission, Faein's squad will act at the first assault wave.

"I wish to be, both the shield which protects Rakuss, and the sword which slays her foes."

Faein, the Knightess of Humiliation screenshotFaein, the Knightess of Humiliation screenshotFaein, the Knightess of Humiliation screenshot

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