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Updated 2020-03-10
Developer H.H.WORKS.
Language rus
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Exposure Quest (Roshutsu Quest)

* Ver1.10

Full title:
Exposure Quest ~The Boundary Between Ordinary and Extraordinary Days
[An Exhibition Stealth RPG]

Things get riskier with every ecchi quest you clear!
Of course you can also play freestyle in town!

Yukari is an earnest schoolgirl who just learned about "roshutsu" (exposure) from a conversation with her friend.
On her way home from school she tries it for herself, when a mysterious gentleman approaches her.
Introducing himself as a member of the "RSI" (Representative for the Society of Indecency,
or in Japanese, the Roshutsu Suishou Iinkai, meaning "Exposure Endorsement Committee"),
the man offers her membership, in exchange for which she will receive the support of the Society
in furthering her naked ambitions. Yukari doesn't quite believe it, but joins the RSI,
and begins her journey down the fetish rabbit hole......

Similar to guild quests in other RPGs, Yukari does exposure quests for the RSI.
The main quest progresses the storyline and earns ecchi items.
Freestyle quests are simple encounters you can have in town.
Quests will sometimes involve maps and stealth / sneaking goals: don't be seen!
During a mission if Yukari is discovered she'll be ecchi'd on the spot,
and if she loses all her hearts she will orgasm and the mission is failed.

* Choose your approach
* Enjoy three varieties of pose art patterns
* New upper and lower outfit stripping
* Encounter bad men with bad intentions
* Prostitution mode
* Watch out for the police!

The game includes...
37 base CGs
over 200 total CGs
Reminisce mode
Barrage toggle option
Pubic hair ON/OFF
Shame reset option

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).

Exposure Quest (Roshutsu Quest) screenshotExposure Quest (Roshutsu Quest) screenshotExposure Quest (Roshutsu Quest) screenshot

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