Exogamy Justice Sera: ACTION BATTLE FACK GAME poster
Updated 2014-03-20
Developer ONEONE1
Language jap


Ero Flash Action & ADV fusion!
Active BATTLES that play like a 2D brawler,
passionate NOVEL that progresses like a love sim,
and smooth animation SEX SCENES for both.

From ONEONE1 comes a rewarding game of STRIKES and STORY
built upon the hallmark anime system used since the circle's Orga Knight series:
punch-kick-special-attack COMBOS powered up by SEX and ONANI,
BOSS BATTLES for each stage multiplied by 4 H SCENES per boss...
there are a total of 20 H SCENES for the action gameplay and 12 H SCENES
discoverable only in the story mode -- including bad endings
-- and all SCENES are smoothly ANIMATED.

- Fully voiced, naturally

- Built-in save and load features

- Lots of modes and cheats:
Gallery mode unlocks after you win the game one time;
then replay again to unlock ZENRA mode...! Plus Hell mode, Stark Nude mode,
Stage select, Infinite HP on/off, Infinite Special & Ultra Special attacks on/off...

- Check out the free trial:
Experience the Action + ADV fusion yourself, with 7 H SCENES.
Play world 1-1 to 1-3 up to the first boss, with all 4 H SCENES included.
You can unlock 2 H SCENES in story mode plus a bad ending.

- The full game has 5 worlds, 32 ANIMATED H SCENES + 5 bonus CGs


Three years earlier--

While playing an eroge about a certain blonde I love, I was suddenly
quasi-born into the fantasy game world of Financia, ruled by the Four Beastly Kings.
As Exogamy Justice Sera I f*cked and fought just like my heroine
Seira Jougasaki would do!! The sex was amazing and victory was mine...
and as a reward I was returned to the human world.


I can't help myself. My beloved blonde is starring in a new ero action game.
Just as before I boot it up on the PC, and again a brilliant flash of light floods the screen...

Before I know it I'm in the game world again. The stakes have never been higher.

CV: Rutolo Nanagi

Art by Taro
Scenario by Takehide
Flash design by NRF / Ichigo
Bonus art by Yonjukata no Okyo

Presented by ONEONE1

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Exogamy Justice Sera: ACTION BATTLE FACK GAME screenshotExogamy Justice Sera: ACTION BATTLE FACK GAME screenshotExogamy Justice Sera: ACTION BATTLE FACK GAME screenshot

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