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Updated 2022-08-04
Developer Sexecute
Language original
Total size 734mb
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Bad End

Original title: 悪虐女帝BAD END√

A certain empire was ruled by Eliade, a tyrant known as the "Evil Empress", who carried out a brutal tyranny.
Her reign, which seemed to last forever, ended by a coup d'etat of the Princess.

The choice given to the evil empress is two choices of "execution" or "meat urinal".

"Do you accumulate dead.Until one day I will be reinstated, and I will avenge all those who belittled me--"

Then, the evil Empress fell into the meat urinal.
Clothes are forbidden, and sexual service is compulsory, and the body changes to lewd by training.
But her heart is not broken.

"No matter what kind of humiliation you receive, only your heart will yield--"

I still think so now.








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