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Updated 2019-02-17
Developer Magical Girl Club
Language rus
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Language jap
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Erotic Dungeon Survival

She went to save her captive boyfriend, but ended up being cucked instead!?
A Battle F*ck + NTR + Erotic Trap! Survival RPG!

Ryuumi: A magician affiliated with a guild.
Her cuteness and sexy stylish body is the subject of rumor around town.
With an innocent and pure personality, she is treated like an idol in her guild.
According to the members, her breasts are extremely appealing.
Having obtained a boyfriend, she is planning on heading back to the countryside.

Boyfriend: The ace of the guild.
With an earnest personality, he will take on even the most difficult of quests.
He met Ryuumi at the guild and they naturally
became attracted to an fell in love with one another.
He wants to protect her, till death do they part but...
Due to fatigue, or perhaps carelessness, he falls victim to an enemy trap and...

[Erotic Content]
On her way to save her boyfriend,
Ryuumi will face various enemies that are attempting to violate her.
She must defeat them them (or make them cum) before making contact or else...!
In the end, can Ryuumi avoid corruption by pleasures or will she...?

Erotic Dungeon Survival screenshotErotic Dungeon Survival screenshotErotic Dungeon Survival screenshot

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