Emblem Knightess Nord ~The Mark of Lewdness~ poster
Updated 2018-12-14
Developer ahriman
Language jap

Emblem Knightess Nord ~The Mark of Lewdness~

RPG about a female knight who succumbs to villain c*ck!!

Nord with the title of Emblem Knightess is an outstanding spearwoman
who uses the Emblem of Dark Fire, but when a wicked one turns
the emblem into a "lewd emblem", she levels down.

Exploiting the situation, villains start doing H things to Nord.

Falling prey to their erotic attacks, Nord is confined and disciplined by them.
As her acts of rebellion are suppressed, she becomes obedient trained by their c*cks!

- In-battle Erotic Attacks
- Female knight undergoes sexual discipline in prison
- Strong-willed lady succumbs to c*ck

This RPG with the theme of defeat violation is especially
recommended for those who like the above situations!

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

Graphic: Infraton

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