DepriviA ~Side-scroller That War Maiden Angelica Is Put Through a Course of Torments~ poster
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Updated 2015-01-01
Developer Blue Mad Diode
Language jap
Total size 2gb
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DepriviA ~Side-scroller That War Maiden Angelica Is Put Through a Course of Torments~

* Story
Long ago, hell's gate opened and countless devils annihilated the human's realm.
Then, to save people's souls devoured by devils, an angel steps foot in hell
without knowing that the war will be full of splatters of blood, flesh and semen...

* Game Overview
This is a Hardcore Ryona/Cruelty Side-scroller where a war maiden,
Angelica fights ferocious devils in the hell.
Eradicate devils using various throwing weapons, spells which she can cast
when in her bikini armor and acts of hovering, wall jump and so on and on!!
8 stages + extra.

- Clothing Damage System Is Implemented!
She will lose her clothing by being damaged in the following order:
Armor/Bikini armor > Black lingerie > Only thigh-highs
If she receives damage even more, she will be defeated!
A ryona & H pixel animation will be played on-scene.
An animation movie created with AfterEffects will be shown upon a game over.

- "Fallen System" Is Implemented for Those Who Aren't Good at Action Games
Angelica can "Fall" at any time. This makes her invincible and
able to move quickly and reinforces her weapons.

- Multi-ending System
There are 5 endings that you will see one of them in relation to your performance in each stage!
Each ending has different CG!

* Over 80 Patterns of Ero & Gro Ryona Pixel Animations!
Sexual assault, laceration, petrification, tentacle assault, piercing, squashing,
drowning, burning, vore, electrocution, Iron Maiden, physical blows, forced masturbation,
bukkake, Sicilian bull, incontinence, firing squad, slime violation, gut punch etc etc.
Plus over 60 patterns for mob characters damaged on the backgrounds!

* Game over CG Are Animated by AfterEffects.
Both Gro and Ero CG move! (10~30 frames)
20 base CG + extra, 37 patterns incl. variations

A save data with all CG & animation playbacks are unlocked is included.

Grotesque expressions On/Off can be toggled.

* Disclaimer
Due to a large number of image objects loaded at the beginning of each stage,
this game requires your PC to have decent performance.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Angelica CV: Maria Ayana

Saliel & Bones CV: Rutolo Nanagi

* Dev Blog:

* Official Site:

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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