DepraviA EgrigorI poster
Updated 2018-11-08
Developer Blue Mad Diode
Language jap
Version 1.00

DepraviA EgrigorI

* Caution
The trial version is only available in Japanese.
The retail version is available in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese.

This product is a sequel to:
"DepriviA ~Side-scroller That War Maiden Angelica Is Put Through a Course of Torments~"

but can be enjoyed standalone or even more as a sequel.

* Story
An angel called Selenia who lost her memories wakes up in a village destroyed by devils.
To identify herself, know why she fights devils and protect a girl named Rebecca, she throws
herself into a harsh war which is full of splatters of blood, flesh and semen.

* Game Overview
This is a Hardcore Ryona/Cruelty Side-scroller where
Selenia fights ferocious devils in hell.
Eradicate devils using various throwing weapons, attack spells
and a Fallen spell and acts of hovering, wall jump and so on and on!
There's NO MERCY for Ryona & Grotesque expressions.

- Clothing Damage System Is Implemented!
She will lose her clothing by being damaged in the following order:
Armor/Bikini armor > Black lingerie > Only thigh-highs
If she receives damage even more, it's her defeat!
A ryona & H pixel animation will be played on-scene.
An animated CG or still CG will be shown upon a game over.

- A Fallen Spell "Obscenity" Is Available for Those Who Aren't good at Action Games
Selenia can "Fall" at any time. This makes her invincible and
able to move quickly and reinforces her weapons.
Apparently, however, "Fall" is a sin.

- Multi-ending System
There are 5 endings that you will see one of them in relation to your performance in each stage!
Each ending has different CG!

- "Grotesque Filter" Function Implemented
It is possible to put mosaics on grotesque scenes or choose not to show grotesque depictions on the option menu.
Please note that putting mosaics requires your PC to have decent performance.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

- You can choose a difficulty level at the beginning of the game from EASY, NORMAL and HARD.

- CG Gallery, Reminiscence Mode and Animation Playback Mode are implemented

- Key configuration/Gamepad supported (it is confirmed that an Xbox controller properly works)

* Stats
39 CG (23 still images + 16 animations)
106 on-scene defeat animations
97 patterns of mob characters on backgrounds

violation, laceration, petrification, onahole-ificiation, box-ification, tentacles, creampie,
squashing, mincing machin, vore, dissolution, drowning, freezing, burning, electrocution,
Iron Maiden, bukkake, physical blows, piercing, incontinence, pregnant belly, slime,
breaking wheel, guillotine, devouring, flaying, wooden horse, insect violation, energy absorption,
monster-ification, frying, digestion, egg laying, restraint, confinement, brain f*ck etc etc...
The variety of situations ranges wider than the previous work!

* This product contains depictions of blood and internal organs.

* CVs:
as Selenia: Kurumi Mochizuki

as Rebecca & Raphael: Satsuki Akushiro

Saliel: Rutolo Nanagi

* Dev Blog:

Progression Report Videos:

* DepraviA Egrigori Official Site

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