Debt Ridden Alchemist Leticia poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer Magical Girl Club
Language jap

Debt Ridden Alchemist Leticia

[RPG Premise]
A naive and young alchemist Leticia must return a
debt accumulated by her elder brother by exploring
a mysterious dungeon, performing errands for the
townsfolk and accepting erotic requests along the way!

[Game / Eros]
She's constantly being requested to make suspicious concoctions...
Ah well. Off to the random dungeon for some ingredient gathering!

Collect a mountain of items! Tackle em monsters!
Skillfully make your way through the dungeon...
Because, if you lose... the monsters will certainly have their way!
(continue feature included)

Use alchemy, make potions, and have those potions used ON YOU...
(You can protect the Leticia's virginity by option if you wish)

There are time elapse triggered erotic events and travelling
around town couldn't be any easier with a menu teleport feature.

Big brother will even introduce you to some shady characters
if you choose to sell... yourself as a last? debt repaying resort.

Note: Loyal 'customers' may change their attitude towards you.

* Multiple Endings (3 total including 1 BAD)

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