Cuckold sisters, Mia and Yumi ~ repeated lover snatch ~ poster
Updated 2022-08-02
Developer アトリエさくら
Language original
Total size 918mb
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Cuckold sisters, Mia and Yumi ~ repeated lover snatch ~

Original title: 寝取られ姉妹、美亜と悠美 ~繰り返される恋人強奪~

The protagonist, a college student, Eda Yasutaka, had bitter memories.
When I go to the room of Yumi Shibasawa who was dating, I encounter a place where she is hugging a stranger man.
However, Yumi continued to mingle with a man in front of her without hiding it, and told her that it was because she could not be satisfied with herself for the reason.
And the lover relationship ends, Yumi disappears from the university, but the shock at that time continues to remain、
I thought that I could not make a lover anymore.

After that, she reunites with Yumi's younger sister, Shibasawa Mia.
She is gradually attracted to and began dating, but the trauma she suffered from Yumi continues to remain in Yasutaka, which also affects her sex.
However, Mia snuggled up to Yasutaka, and the wound was finally healed.

After a while, Yumi appears in front of Yasutaka again.
Anlong tells her that her current lover is her sister Mia, and Yumi does not show any resistance to it.
And I thought that I could forget the past already and be happy with Mia as it is.
However, the man who held Yumi in front of the eyes in the past, Saginuma Sauma is not only Yumi、
Even Mia who should have loved only Anlong will be involved in the world of sexual desire....





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