Updated 2019-09-17
Developer Blue Mad Diode  



Originally just a test subject, Rin becomes a trainee agent for a secret society -
Corrupt Garden - that takes vore videos to please its clients.

[Game Outline]
3-4 hours' expected playtime
Complete missions as protagonist Rin:
1. Use creatures known as CGWs to devour girls in swimsuits and enemy forces.
2. Place cameras in the targeted buildings to capture footage of people being devoured.
3. Milk men in the targeted buildings for their semen and use it to develop devices
to strengthen the CGWs.
4. Find and claim creatures that can be used as CGWs.

Most adult CG revolve around devouring, but there is also tentacle rape,
generic character rape, and prostitution.
Defeat scenes are included for specific battles only.
If you succeed in devouring generic girl characters you will see a devouring
cut-in scene and receive an XP bonus.
There are clothing changes from the base swimsuit - 9 kinds including nude.

26 base sex CG images
4 special sex CG images
25 cut-in devouring CG images
19 kinds of female character, with nudity variations
238 total images including variations

*This game was made using RPG Maker MV.
Please make sure the game is compatible with your system
by downloading and testing the demo version.

Download CORRUPT GARDEN - VORE PREDATION - from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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