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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer Hajime
Language rus

Cinderella Escape!! 2 Revenge

Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge is the sequel of Cinderella Escape! which tells the story of what happened after the true ending.

Cinderella is back with a new goddess power. Ready to fight for her innocence and reveal the secret plan of the Prince. Will she get her revenge?

This time you will fight instead solving puzzles, as Cinderella fights for her freedom. For the best experience, a controller is recommended! It's fully supported aside from the launcher.

<span style="color:#ff0000">- Multi-language supported. English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, and German. </span>

- Hack and Slash Style Fighting! You've never seen a fairy-tale princess fights like this. You can easily combine two sequences of attacks to develop your own fighting style. Dodging and Guarding to defend yourself against your enemies and use your special attack to take on all enemies at once.

- Armor Durability! All armor in the game has a specific durability. Once it reaches zero your armor will break and all incoming attacks will interrupt outgoing attacks.

- Real-time Cut-scenes! Contains a funny story told through 33 cut-scenes. Experience Cinderella's story and find out what here connections to Snow White and Pinocchio are.

- Outfits and Accessories! Cinderella has 4 customization slots. You can change her hair, underwear, outfit and her accessories.

Additionally, each unlocked item will make your character stronger. You can even release Cinderella from her shackles.

- Quest Challenges! Comes with a story mode consisting of 14 chapters with more than 50 quest challenges.

Previous game (English DLsite): Cinderella Escape!

Update 2018.04.28
1. Huuma Mina Ninja Costume added.
2. Extreme Difficulty of Story Mode added.
3. some bug fixes and improvements.

Update 2020.04.1
Collab. Event with <Lulu & Ennoi - Sacred Suit Girls>

Priestess Costume is available in Cinderella Escape!! 2 Revenge

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