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Updated 2021-05-03
Developer Sexy3D
Total size 273mb
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■ Overview
Sacrifice of the beast 2〜Tentacles and the island of the beast〜It is an extra edition that continued 1 of the ending as it is.
Sex slave training is done to the heroine who fell into the hands of a mysterious man.

■ Game content
- Players advance the game with a mysterious man perspective.
- Unlike the previous game, there is no map movement or search element.It is all erotic scene.
- There is no story.It is basically a succession of erotic scenes.Please enjoy the erotic freely because there is no ending.
- Even if you do not play the previous work, there is no hindrance at all.
- H scene is 2 of pleasure bondage training and service slave training.
- There is no so-called SM play element for pleasure bondage training.SEX play in the state of bondage is the center.
- Service slave training is such as blowjob, titty, footjob, cowgirl, the heroine will serve a man.
- The heroine starts from the state that has already become a man's thing, so there is no insulting color.
※ From ver2.0 We added the ruins search by butt slave training and mystery man.

■ Features
- The viewing scene is real-time 3D drawing polygons in 3D space, so the camera angle can be viewed at 360°free position and angle by mouse or keyboard operation.
- For those who are troublesome to change the camera angle, set angle is also available.
- There are 2 ways to change the camera angle by simply moving the mouse by hiding the mouse cursor and displaying the mouse cursor and changing the angle by right mouse drag.
- Of course you can also change the camera angle with the keyboard and game controller.
- H Auto play is attached to the scene.You can see the play that you have performed once by letting go.
- There is no game over.No matter which option you choose, you can collect all the scenes.There is no need to proceed with the game while saving and loading.

■ Operating environment
- 3D graphics function is required.Please be sure to check the operation by the trial version because the operation specifications are high.
- Laptop, onboard graphics may not work even if it meets the operating environment.Please check the operation by trial version.
- Windows7 supports both 64-bit and 32-bit.

* Version up is only distributed from the sales site.Please register as a member and purchase as much as possible.
※ After downloading the trial version and the product version, please be sure to unzip it and start it.
* Audio is quoted from past works.However, there is also a somewhat new voice.
※ This work works alone.It is not an extended version of Beast Sacrifice 2〜Tentacles and Beast Island.
※ However, you can take the costume as a perk from Beast Sacrifice 2〜Tentacles and Beast Island〜and sexy model<<Nightmare Adventure Island>>.







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