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Updated 2016-02-01
Developer T-ENTA-P
Version 1.8

Bounty Hunter 2

The era of swords is over. The era of guns has begun.
Her sexed-up bounty hunter mother was killed by a bad man. Now her daughter has followed
in her footsteps, in a town crawling with scumbag criminals.

* Gameplay
You are the daughter of a bounty hunter. Hunt down criminals in Cry City.
There are 10 bounties. One of them is for the man who killed your mother.
Spend your earnings on various things like property purchase and shopkeeping.
If you run out, do part-time jobs. Check out the casino for a rare item.
There is no game over.

* Items: Energy drink, medicinal drink, machine parts, casino passport

* Heroine: Mina (default name)
* Criminals (bounties): Sam Matham, Mark Red, Blood Blood, Greenleaf, Trunksteady, 5 others

640x480 base screen size
Confirmed for Windows XP / Vista / 7
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility on your system
Recommend purchase with member account for updates

Requires RPG TKool VX RTP:

Version: 1.8b (updated September 27, 2013)

Bounty Hunter 2 screenshotBounty Hunter 2 screenshotBounty Hunter 2 screenshot

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