Beloved wife drowning in pleasure crazy alive with others stick poster
Updated 2023-03-13
Developer アトリエさくら
Language original
Total size 928mb
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Beloved wife drowning in pleasure crazy alive with others stick

Original title: 他人棒でイキ狂い快楽に溺れていく最愛妻

The main character, Kazumi Tsukayama, has his beloved wife, Waso Tsukayama.
when i was in college, i belonged to a circle for the purpose of spear, and kazumi who was playing with a woman、
After meeting Waso, he stopped playing in circles and playing with women, and continued to love only her.

however, a few years have passed since i married waso, and i was living a happy life、
I see the news that the circle I once belonged to was causing sexual trouble to several women in a group.
Kazumi, who had already become estranged from the circle at that time, was afraid of what he would think if his wife knew about his past.

One day, Toshio, who was a acquaintance of the university days, appears before Kazumi who had been living such a day、
While telling Kazumi that he knew that he belonged to that circle, he handed him a USB memory stick.
What was shown in the file there was a figure of the old Waso and Toshio hugging each other.
When questioned, Toshio admits that he had been dating Waso in the past.
When the man appears before him, he resents the fact that he has taken Waso and thinks that he has come for revenge, and he is wary.
And around Kazumi, something was gradually changing ....





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