Aphroditic Trance Passion Release: Cute Yet Vulgar Schoolgirl poster
Updated 2016-08-16
Developer saberfish
Language jap

Aphroditic Trance Passion Release: Cute Yet Vulgar Schoolgirl

-Aphrodisiac Mating Instinct Awakening AVG-

The spray he chanced upon is an aphrodisiac that causes female lust.
No matter who -- a beloved childhood friend, some stylish fiancee, the school's most
popular student, the kawaii freshman, the beautiful teacher --
Use this spray and any woman's heart will open to even an ugly guy like me...?
For all the sex I could ever want! Drooling wet and begging for my penetration!?

** Early Bird Special : First Month Bonus Content (3/04 - 4/04 2016) **

An exclusive afterstory about the uniformed girls brimming with the lust awoken by the drug!?
37 images of afterstory with unused variations from the main game x text, effects-free versions!?


I had friends but no girlfriend.
How could I, with these looks? The closest thing was my platonic cute childhood friend...

She and I were in the same class, along with some other girl who was getting married soon.
Incredibly hot, ultra flawless. She was half-Japanese.

That was more than enough to envy but all around me it was cuties, cuties everywhere.
A gorgeous girl who everyone loved for being like "one of the guys", a cute freshman girl,
even our teacher was ultra hot.


I was in walking in the halls in a fog of covetry when I found something on the ground.

"What's this? A spray? What's an 'atomizer'?"

Written on the side of spray bottle in tiny fine print, it said:
"Takes effect instantly" "Sight activated" "Use on target, then target will be attracted to the first available subject"
"Warning: multiple uses will diminish or corrode effects" "Do not use on targets with heart conditions"

--- Basically, it was a love spray!

Basically I was holding something incredible.
The key to all the sex a guy could ever want. Even a guy like me.

I quickly hid the spray in my bag.
My plan was already forming: how to use it and who to screw.

- System-

Saberfish presents an erotic adventure novel game about an obscenity aphrodisiac spray
Over 20 base CGs for 20 rich, dense erotic scenes! Over 500 total variations!
BGV actresses obscene wet sounds with intense pants-tightening performances from
steamy french kissing and deep kissing to slobby blowjobs! Slurp, slop, splurch!
Choose cumshots (vaginal/external) with copious bukkake and in-the-twat, out-the-ass ejaculations!
No difficult choices! Easy controls! Intuitive CG mode and hands-free features!

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