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Updated 2020-05-27
Version 2019-05-10)
Developer studio WS
Download via k2s.cc
Download via fboom
2.01 (2108)

Abducted Girl

Experience the abduction of a girl on her way home
through mouse and icon control in this game.

The game begins a few days before the incident,
where you learn that the girl had previously been snuck into a house.
Once this portion is completed, the game moves on the main "Abducted Girl" content.


- Customize the girl's body:
Flat chest, busty, uniformed flat chest, uniformed and busty

- Choose the correct situation and place to avoid suspicion

- The best place for abduction is a fenced area with little housing and people!!

- There is more than 1 spot for abduction

- 2 types of endings

Using mouse controls and icons, use your big d*ck to violate the timid girl!
Though she fears you and tried to escape, you continue to cream-pie her.
Your evil abductor criminal seed fills her womb...

Abducted Girl screenshot

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