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Updated 2021-01-11
Developer cherry poi
Download via k2s.cc
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2.29 (59)

Zoorine Adventure

Zoorine loses her way in an adventure across the "Playroom" making friends of enemies.
Defeat c*ck and ball monsters to expand her gang of hap-penis!

* Includes bug fixes and new Oppai Overdrive system (see blog for details).

* Action adventure across 5 stages (4 styles)!
* 6 types of creature with 15 types of sex variations
... classic, full nude, milking, 3P and more!
* All ecchi depictions include animation!
* Clear areas to turn creatures into allies.

When a "friend" creature invites you to the Playroom you can view the sex orgy!

Created using RPG Tkool VX.

Zoorine Adventure screenshotZoorine Adventure screenshotZoorine Adventure screenshot

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