Your Sweet House ~Succubus Mama & Eldritch Mansion~ poster
Updated 2018-11-30
Developer dieselmine
Language jap
Version 1.00

Your Sweet House ~Succubus Mama & Eldritch Mansion~

Scenario: Kazuki Yuuma

- Usuki
- Cool Kyoushinsha
- Hakika
- Muchimaru
- Mutsuki Hinata
- LBuffer
- Fujiyama Building

* Overview
While walking in a forest, the protagonist is brought by something into a strange mansion.
Touching succubi living there causes his age to regress.
An RPG of escaping from the mansion dodging through incoming succubi.

* Situations
- Infantilized and spoiled between breasts......
- Squeezed while generously held in arms......
- Breastfed and given handjob......

* Characters
- Reliel
Illustration: Usuki
CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi

Half-vampire half-succubus.
If you touch her, hear her voice or make an eye contact, you would be captivated.

- Thoris
Illustration: Muchimaru
CV: Yuri Ayase

Has magic ribbons that move as she wants.

- Insti
Illustration: Mutsuki Hinata
CV: Mimori Aino

Has an ability to manipulate and soak into shadow.

- Litosi
Illustration: Cool Kyoushinsha
CV: Satsuki Akushiro

Likes sucking man's semen by using her breasts.

- Cyas
Illustration: Mebura
CV: Nachu Aizawa

Loves making human cling to her body.

- Robell
Illustration: Hakika
CV: Ryou Suzuki

Has half-liquid magic aura surrounding her body, which has scent addictive to humans.

- Emma
Illustration: INO
CV: Rio Kisaka

A succubus whose fashion and way of talking stand out even in the mansion.

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