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Updated 2022-06-18
Developer keisei yuan
Language original
Total size 931mb
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You were banished.

Original title: あなたは追放されました。

The escape drama of an alchemist girl who became an exile!

i'm an exile, so i'm unarmed!no one!By the way, there's no human rights!
Swirling intrigue and nightmarish humiliation…
Let's escape from the devil's hand of desire by making full use of "Renjo" which is the only weapon!

● Synopsis

"Markt Kingdom" became the world's largest magical nation due to the development of magic and alchemy

The genius girl "Licia" who became the youngest alchemist in the history of the kingdom

but she didn't follow any instructions or discipline from the state、
i spent my days repeating selfishly, unbridled research and experimentation.

However, in the wake of having made the aphrodisiac "Eclipse" of the contraindication level to estrus even monkey、
finally, lycia will be banished from the kingdom.

From the "Genius Alchemist" to the "exile" who confiscated everything, a sudden fall ...!

After losing everything, Lucia is living in an abandoned house in a remote mountain and working quietly on research while burning the hope of a comeback…

However, one day, I know that I was wanted for an innocent crime ...!

no friends!
no equipment!
no spells, no special skills!
and i can't defeat 1 slime!!

The magic hand of the Alchemy Association approaches the helpless girl!

"This me who was touted as a genius ... why do I look like thisわわ"

The story of the passion and determination of the Exile Lycia begins...!
















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